A Long Way Down

By Nick Hornby

IN HIS NEW novel, Nick Hornby deals with the topic of suicide in a respectful and honest way. It tells the story of four people who meet by chance at the aptly named "Toppers House" on New Years Eve. Maureen, a dowdy middle-aged woman wants to end her life as a full-time carer for her severely disabled son. Jess, a crazed teenager ends up there after being dumped by her boyfriend. Martin a shamed breakfast TV presenter feels there's no other way out and pizza delivery boy / musician JJ can't seem to fulfil his dreams. The four manage to talk each other out of jumping from the building and form a pact to help each other out. They all gain from the friendship in different ways and the course of events following their meeting is both funny and sad in equal measure. A plot full of twists and laugh out loud moments never fails - and this book is certainly no exception.