Encyclopedia of Whisky

By Michael Jackson

WHISKY, SCOTCH, BOURBON - one of the world's most popular drinks and enjoyed and collected by millions. In Japan some of Scotland's produce attracts an almost fanatical following and the prices for some can hit the roof. But why? That is the question author and whisky expert Michael Jackson poses in this lavishly illustrated book on the subject. Nicknamed 'The Whisky Chaser', Jackson discovered whisky in his teens and his passion and fervour for it has increased year on year and his career writing on the subject has gained him many accolades. Beginning with chapters on understanding whisky and how their aromas and flavours are attained, Jackson then moves on to in-depth looks at the huge variety of whiskeys from around the world - Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the United States, Japan, Europe and Australasia - with distillery notes and tasting advice for each. Concluding with what to many connoisseurs must be an abomination - whisky cocktails such as the infamous Manhattan and Mint Julep - this is an extremely well-rounded look at the topic for beginners and the more experienced alike.

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