Sight Unseen

By Robert Goddard
THE ANCIENT STONE site of Avebury in Wiltshire must have seen many comings and goings over the centuries but in 1981 it saw the abduction of a toddler and the death of young child, leaving the remaining sibling traumatised for years to come. No-one was quite sure what happened it took place so fast, and everyone who was witness to the event found their futures embroiled in the mystery of what really occurred that day. Now, more than two decades later, and after the confession and conviction from a known paedophile, the case is suddenly resurrected by an anonymous note sent to the police officer in charge of the original inquiry. Signed by an eighteenth century polemicist known as 'Junius', the plot thickens for PhD student David Umber, a witness of the event whose specialist subject at the time was discovering exactly who 'Junius' really was. Finding himself tracked down and embroiled in the search for the real kidnapper, Umber enters a world of secrets, mistrust and violence, drawing him in deeper and deeper as he comes closer to discovering exactly what did happen that day in Avebury 1981. A master storyteller, Robert Goddard, slowly but surely draws the reader in with plots and counterplots, suspects and red herrings till the final cataclysmic finale. Expert descriptive narrative brings the subjects and their surroundings to vivid life whilst the historical background to the discovery of the true 'Junius' displays research of an almost unparalleled level. A great read for fans of traditionally written thrillers.