A Better Way

By Delvin Dresser

Ralph Mosco often felt different from the other children his age. The son of a preacher, Ralph lived his life a little differently than many of the other teenagers his age with whom he went to school. While he always had the support of his girlfriend, Cherie, punks such as the unruly Desmond often tried to make trouble with Ralph. And the drunken principal and science teacher with a questionable past often seemed to go out of their way to make life difficult for young Ralph.

But the discovery of a stolen CD player involves Ralph in a web of crime, drugs, and intrigue. How far will Ralph go to help save the life of his nemesis and to rid his town of the scourge of the local drug lord? What secrets does Ms. Martin hide behind her angry scowl? And how does a shamed ex-preacher fir into the puzzle?

Delvin Dresser answers these questions and more in A Better Way, offering reader a look at one young man’s moral and ethical choices.

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