Onion Ad Nauseam , Vol 16

More award-winning journalism, fresh from America's Finest News Source[trademark] Every week, three million readers turn to the world's most popular humour publication for a much-needed dose of Onion satire. In a history spanning 15 years, six popular books and 10 Webby Awards, with stories like 'U.S. Inspires World With Attempt At Democratic Election' and 'Debbie, By The Time You Read This I'll Either Be Dead Or Vice-President of Marketing' The Onion continues to attract legions of loyal fans drawn to its scathingly funny commentary on world events and human behaviour. The latest book in the New York Times bestselling Onion Ad Nauseam series has everything you would expect from America's Finest News Source[trademark]. Fresh from the front lines of world events came 'Bush Promises To Unite Nation For Real This Time' and the classic 'God Puts His Tool Back In Office'. Volume 16 brings you pure Onion at its best ('New Overtime Laws: Changing The Way Americans Wash Dishes For Sixty Hours A Week', 'What This Town Needs Is A Child In A Well'). Here they are at last: all the issues of The Onion that you missed because you had a life to live.

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