Going For The Laugh

ByMartin Zuckerman
“Going for the Laugh” is a story about people, their weaknesses, their strengths, the futility, the frankness, the philosophy and the tragic-comedy that is the human condition and includes the beliefs and philosophy of the central character, Manny. The story traces Manny’s interactions with family and friends and delves into the philosophies of his life that were structured as a result of his dysfunctional environment.

The human side of Manny will be explored and the readers will find that Manny’s experiences can easily be compared with their own, adding to their reading enjoyment. Manny’s perspective, his cynicism, unusual human traits and sarcastic nature will provide you with either laughs or loathing and cause you to dispute his theories or possibly even acknowledge them, which will be difficult for most to admit.

Since Manny is casually and overtly, politically incorrect, you may find some of his conclusions opposed to your own viewpoints, or needlessly callous, but in all cases, they are an honest perspective of the central character. “Going For The Laugh” will provide a point of view that you may or may not appreciate, may or may not agree with and one that you may find hilarious or at other times disgusting.

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