A Plea of Insanity

By Priscilla Masters

ENTER THE WORLD of Greatbach Psychiatrist Unit in Stoke on Trent. A world of paranoia, madness and psychotic personalities. This is the world Doctor Claire Roget enters when she replaces her heroine Doctor Heidi Faro. But her predecessor met an untimely end at the hands of one of her own patients in the very room Claire now has to work from. Trying to put aside the history of her office, Claire takes on the patients Heidi was trying to help - but is one of them her killer? The conviction of a previously gentle but brain-damaged patient does not assuage her suspicions over the next few months that the actual person who killed her is still free, albeit within the Unit. But as Claire becomes more and more embroiled in the search for the murderer, so her own life becomes a tightrope between police cooperation, patient confidentiality and her own personal safety. And when one of the nurses disappears in suspicious circumstances, her fears become a reality.Once again Priscilla Masters spins a psychologically thrilling tale of intrigue, mistrust, deception and murder. A page-turner from beginning to end, fans of Masters will be enthralled whilst new readers will discover an author to savour.

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